Some random facts about me:

  • I’ve been lucky enough to work for some awesome companies like AdRoll,, and Freshly.

  • I was raised in central New Jersey and people still make fun of the way I say “cawfee”

  • Taking an Entrepreneurship class during my last semester of college got me interested in the world of start-ups

  • Nicknames given to me have been: Pauly, Paul Wall, Paulski, Paulto, PK3, and Pretty Boy

  • I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid and have tried pretty much everything to deal with it until I stumbled upon Meditation

  • I’ve been to 28 countries and have a goal to get to 30 before 30 (I’m 29 as of this writing)

  • My friend’s cat is obsessed with me

  • My new obsession is Thich Nhat Hanh and all things mindfulness

  • I was lucky enough to interview my childhood hero in Bali which is part of what prompted my podcast

  • I’ve lived all over the world including LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, Rome, Florence, New York, Ithaca, and Bali (to name a few)

  • I believe everyone’s north star should be happiness and contentment.