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Grow Your Business with a Great Content Strategy

by offering solutions, creating value, and serving your community

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Why Me?

-Created Marketing Campaigns that Achieved Over 10X ROI

-Experience Managing $5 Million in Advertising Spend

-Worked with the most sophisticated Online Advertisers

-Expert in Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition

-Highest Email Open Rate at AdRoll in 2016

-Obsessed with Long Form


My Process

1. Identify your long term goals and KPIs. Are you looking for short term content to convert customers or long form pieces that incite conversation? A great content strategy requires diversification.

2. Research existing content that has done well from both client and competitors. This will help set the benchmark from which we operate.

3. Write articles with very specific readers in mind based on the context of the article.

4. Make recommendations on promotion and distribution.

Work With Me

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