#4: Facilitating Connection in the Workplace and Beyond with Dr. Blumenthal

Dr. Dara Blumenthal is a sociologist, Developmental Coach, Integral Facilitator®, cultural theorist, scholar of identity and embodiment, educator, mind-body awareness practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, meditator, and organization designer in her work with individuals and teams. Sound like a lot? It did for me as well!

I’m someone who is fascinated with career growth and who constantly thinks about how to grow himself personally and professionally. I’ve read arguments for maintaining a very specific skillset and arguments for being broad. I’ve thought about my own growth in terms of being T-shaped (I learned this from the idea of a T-Shaped Marketer).

The reality is, everything we do impacts everything else. That’s why I was so excited to sit down to talk to Dr. Blumenthal! The combination of experience from so many different modalities informs her thought processes and work and is very inspiring to see.

This podcast episode covers a little bit of everything, from bringing mindfulness and compassion into modern organizations to developing trust in relationships. The central theme is to be present to whatever is happening in the current moment and develop a loving awareness to it (as Ram Dass would say). Hope you enjoy!

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