#2: Calvin Hamilton on apprenticing for Gary Vee

Calvin Hamilton is a digital marketer, COO of Iris Rose & Co, and previous member of Team Gary Vee. I discovered Calvin after reading a blog post he wrote about quitting his job at Vayner Media. I was then introduced to him by my friend and video editor Sandy (known as Chimpino in some circles).

The response on Calvin’s article was interesting to me as some of the comments were quite divisive. The main objection seemed to be that Calvin was using the Gary Vee brand to promote himself in an inauthentic way. However, many other comments were positive and applauded his honesty.

I was excited to sit down to chat with him because we both deal with a lot of the same struggles that young people have in starting their career. Do we take the bigger salary or the more well known company? How can we maintain our happiness without getting sucked up in social media one-upping? Is the internet making us more lonely?

We chat about all this in addition to some marketing stuff, namely the fact that Calvin helped to build the famous Gary Vee Content Strategy. It’s an important episode for young people making career decisions as well as those who are struggling with the idea of being lonely in a new place. Hope you enjoy it :)

Paul KovalskiComment