#3: The Bridge between Mindfulness and AI with Hannes Bend

Hannes Bend is a mindfulness teacher, artist, and technologist. He is the founder of Breathing.ai, a software that personalizes screen experiences in order to improve breathing patterns. He has also taught mindfulness and Wim Hof style breathing techniques to everyone from prison inmates to elementary school children.

I discovered Hannes after listening to him on the SoulSpace podcast. Hannes is someone who inspires me as he has been able to merge his interest in technology with his passion in meditation and mindfulness. He is also (I learned) one of the first people to learn Wim Hof breathing from the man himself!

This conversation centers around the bridge between mindfulness and AI and brings up some important questions on how we can retain our health and happiness as we become more integrated with technology. Hannes is one of many individuals doing important work in this regard. We also dig into the impact that mindfulness has personally had on his life and his experience teaching it to a diverse range of individuals!

Paul KovalskiComment