Episode 28: Dr. Gregory Sadler on academic entrepreneurship, stoicism, and practical philosophy


In this episode I interview Dr. Gregory Sadler. Greg is the President and Cofounder of ReasonIO- a training and coaching company that helps put philosophy into practice.

Greg began his career in academia and after years of working at several universities transitioned to become an "Academic Entrepreneur". What does this mean? Essentially Greg went from publishing his work through universities to distributing his content on his YouTube channel and offering consulting services. To me this is primarily a conversation about impact.

When you have acquired knowledge that is valuable to yourself there is this tendency to want to share that knowledge with the world. However, if you are working within a system that hinders your ability to do so in a meaningful way it obviates the need to make a change. Once Greg began to see the positive response from his teachings on YouTube, it gave him the momentum to continue.

It's particularly inspiring to me as I transition from a full time job into a more nomadic lifestyle. There are obviously multiple parallels one can draw between leaving the world of academia and leaving a well paying job in tech. Lucky for us, there are philosophical concepts to draw from to help inform our thought processes. For me meditation and mindfulness have been very helpful. For Greg, Stoicism and other philosophical concepts have helped him navigate the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship.

Finally, we talk about the impact that bringing Stoicism into the "mainstream" has had on the larger movement. We talk about the rigidity involved with characterizing oneself as a "Stoic" and how thought leaders like Ryan Holiday and Tim Ferriss can be a great gateway into a deeper experience.

If you take a look at my podcast episodes, you will see that I've chatted about a wide variety of topics. Some would say that I should focus down on something specific. However, I'm just having fun at this point and am leveraging these conversations to build something bigger. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you subscribe to listen to more :)

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Paul Kovalski