Episode 29: Melissa Smith on being a Virtual Assistant Matchmaker and traveling with We Roam


In this episode I interview Melissa Smith. Melissa is a Virtual Assistant Matchmaker and author of "Hire the Right Virtual Assistant". She also spent the past year as a digital nomad traveling with We Roam.

I first read about the idea of a virtual assistant in the 4 Hour Work Week and have been interested in it as an opportunity for entrepreneurs and creators to free up their time to focus on their strengths. However, I had a misconception that the majority of virtual assistants are charging $3 an hour and live in India and Pakistan. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Melissa offers a more premium service and takes a personalized approach to each client she works with. It was useful for me to learn about how she matches clients with VAs and her process for understanding a clients needs. Conversely, I learned a lot about being a VA and the reasons that more and more people are choosing this as a career (spoiler- more flexibility and freedom to pursue your passions).

Many people take this freedom and flexibility and leverage it to explore more and see the world. Melissa definitely did this! She was one of the first participants of We Roam, a professional remote work program that brings you around the world while taking care of all of the logistics (travel, accommodation, CoWorking spaces, community). We talk about her decision to sign up with We Roam and the value she got out of working and traveling with other remote workers.

Melissa has a unique perspective as she started out as an assistant and slowly made the transition to working remotely and to starting her own company. This is a great episode if you are interested in becoming/hiring a VA, traveling with a program like WeRoam, or have the itch to change your job into a business. Hope you enjoy :)

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Paul Kovalski