I've worked with the worlds most innovative agencies

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and high growth companies

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leveraging AdRoll's programmatic marketing platform to attract new site visitors, convert existing site visitors at scale, and grow customer lifetime value.


While at AdRoll I learned a lot about the crazy world of digital marketing. I had the opportunity to run millions of dollars in paid media to help clients reach their goals across a wide range of industries. I also utilized sales tactics to prospect, objection handle, and close new clients. Throughout this time I supplemented my learning by watching hours of DailyVee, getting certified in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and reading lots of books (you can see my 2018 reading list here). 


Now I'm making a transition


I've spent the past 6 months in intensive self analysis. I realized that I want to leverage my skillset in a way that promotes companies I'm passionate about and utilizes my strengths in the most effective way possible. I'm shifting my focus entirely to content marketing because it is the best method for building awareness, creating virality, and developing a relationship with prospective customers. I am looking to work on a freelance basis with companies whose mission statement I can get behind. I'm not looking for a paycheck as much as I am looking for legacy. 

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Work With Me

If you are a company I can get behind and looking for someone to help to craft content and amplify your message, I'd love to hear from you! My process for working with brands looks like the following:

1. Discovery Call

In this introductory conversation I will come to the table with content recommendations and a roadmap based on the research I've done on your brand. I will look at potential keywords that we want to rank in, how your content marketing efforts compare to your competitors, and where there is opportunity to optimize existing content. Attention arbitrage is fascinating to me and I love to ideate on ways to get influencers and bigger brands to share and promote your content. Finally, I will also use this time to learn more about you and what is top of mind for your business. 

2. Define Project Scope and Contract Agreement

If both parties decide to move forward we will define the project scope, agree on deadlines and deliverables, and begin to execute on our content roadmap. Because I work remotely, it is extremely important to me that we are both on the same page in terms of communication expectations and content deadlines. After working in client services for several years I understand how important transparency and trust can be.

3. Create Content

The fun part. After we have agreed on a content marketing roadmap I will begin to execute and write long form content that incentives sharing and virality. I'm passionate about human psychology and creating incentives for people to share and talk about your brand. I even did a podcast with Zdravko Cvijetic on how he wrote the most viral article on Medium. The devil is in the details here and I leverage products such as CoSchedule and  BuzzSumo to ensure success.

4. Distribute and Promote

While there is certainly content that goes viral on it's own, virality in many cases can be engineered. QuickSprout has an interesting article on this concept. The point? While you can certainly leverage paid marketing (something I know a lot about) to show content to your audience, there are a number of free strategies I will employ to make sure the right people see what I wrote.  


Book some time on my calendar or shoot me an email at paulkovalski3@gmail.com. I'd love to chat!